Headphone Jack Repair

Headphone Jack Repair

If you are unable to hear the clear sound while using hands-free or headphone, it may be the jack issue. You might at first think it is a Headphone Jack Repair problem. If you have checked your headphone with other mobile phones and it is working properly, it is definitely a jack issue. This issue may happen due to the clogged dirt inside the jack. The initial steps you can take is to clean the jack with a wet toothpick. If this doesn’t solve the problem, go to the settings of the mobile phone. You may need to update the driver from the settings. Furthermore, you can restart the mobile and see if the problem has gone.
If none of the above mentioned approaches didn’t work, handing over the mobile phone to the professional hands is the best option. We offer quick and effective solution to your Headphone Jack Repair issue. You can come for a walk-in repair and we will fix the mobile phone within quick turnaround. Give us a call and we’ll be pleased to address your concern in the best way possible.



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